Chula Vista and the areas surrounding it are home to several museums that can be explored by both visitors and locals. Even families with young children have several options as to the museums they can visit with their youngsters.

What to expect on a visit to the Chula Vista Heritage

Chula Vista’s history is best explored in its heritage museum. (Photo Credits)

The Chula Vista Heritage Museum leads the list of museums in the area. The museum is inside the Chula Vista Public Library and does not charge an entrance fee. They described their official website here.

“The Chula Vista Heritage Museum is located inside the Chula Vista Public Library and is free and open to the public during library hours. Several organizations partner to create a new exhibit each year: the Friends of the Chula Vista Public Library, the South Bay Historical Society and the board of the Chula Vista Heritage Museum. Together we put on many programs and events throughout the year for all to attend. For the exhibit we also gather photographs, artifacts and eye-witness accounts of our local history.”

Check out the official website here.

The website of the Friends of Chula Vista Library also described the museum and what can be expected there by the visitors.

“The board of the Chula Vista Heritage Museum, which is a chapter of the Friends, has partnered with the South Bay Historical Society to oversee Museum operations and periodically launches exhibits on local history at the Civic Center library. Steve Schoenherr, who heads the historical society, is also president of the museum board. He wrote a book on the Chula Vista Centennial. Copies of the book, Chula Vista Centennial: A Century of People and Progress, are available for sale in the Friends’ bookstore at the Civic Center Library, along with other local history books.”

Take a look at the rest of the writeup here.

Hispanic History

The San Diego Union Tribune came up with a feature on the heritage museum and its exhibits. According to its curator the exhibits presents information that locals are not so familiar with.

“The exhibit will shed light on the Portolá expedition, the first recorded Spanish exploration of present-day California; the immigration to the U.S. during the Mexican Revolution; Hispanics who served in the military; the Chicano Movement; and more. It includes photos and recorded interviews.”

The continuation of this article can be found here.

Visiting the heritage museum in Chula Vista is indeed a worthwhile activity to do.

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