As it is the economy and the surroundings of University City is mainly hinged on the educational and research institutions around it. While most of the population are students, teaching and university staff, as well as research organization employees also gravitate in the area.

What to Look for an Apartment in University City

Flora surrounding La Jolla and University City neighborhoods. (Photo Credits)

To simplify one’s life, most would just think of moving right in the neighborhood. Luckily there are great apartments and student dwelling places surrounding University City. Learn more about University City California

For those interested to move into the neighborhood, the official website of San Diego has this description of the University City area.

“University City (UC) is an active community of 56,000 people that encompasses the University of California, San Diego, the Westfield University Towne Centre shopping center, and many of the high-tech, bio-tech, and clean-tech businesses and research institutes that have become San Diego’s economic engine. Sometimes referred to as the “Golden Triangle,” UC is roughly bordered by La Jolla on the west, State Route 52 on the south, and Interstate 805 on the east. Scenic Rose Canyon separates the higher density apartments, condominiums, and town homes of North UC from the mainly single-family homes of South UC.”

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The website La Jolla Agent has aptly described the community that is University City, and how it is to live in the environment. One of the key areas they emphasized in their website is the architectural description of the University City residential area. Coffee Shops to Hangout in When in University City

“The homes listed on the market, surrounding University City, were built with the thought of providing quality homes to raise a family in. The homes consist of three or more spacious bedrooms, dining area, kitchen, over-sized bathrooms, and a back yard that is great for family gatherings or a place where your pet can run and play freely. Almost all of the houses have great views of the ocean and overlook the city. What these homes offer is a warm and safe environment for children, parents, grand-parents, and anyone who is considering a permanent stay in University City.”

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Hotel in University City

For short stays though, one of the top of mind hotel recommendations in University City is Hyatt Regency La Jolla. Apart from a brief description of their accommodations, they also enumerated what their hotel offers to its guests. The Best Burgers in University City

“Spread out in spacious guestrooms, offering the most generous amenities with modern touches and blissful views; (2) Explore La Jolla’s beaches, including the sandstone cliffs of Torrey Pines State Beach and the crystal waters at La Jolla cove; (3) See all the sights of La Jolla, including galleries and museums, luxury shops and countless nearby attractions; (4) Savor a variety of culinary delights, including delectable dishes at Café Japengo and Flemings Prime Steakhouse.”

The continuation can be found here.

University City is indeed a great neighborhood especially for individuals and families who would like to leave near educational and research institutions.


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