University City is a home to many students, and naturally one of their biggest needs is books and a hot drink. Coffee shops bring those together. It allows university students to relax and study while having their favorite hot drink be it coffee or hot tea.

Coffee Shops to Hangout in When in University City

For the love of coffee. (Photo Credits)

For those who may be looking for interesting cafes and tea places In the University City and the La Jolla area, then they are definitely in a good place. The area is teeming with interesting coffee and tea shops to hang out in. Best Vegetarian Restaurants in University City

Elixir Espresso Bar in one of the places to check out. In their official website, they emphasized that they treat coffee brewing as an art.

“The core essence of everything we do is passion — it is the most important ingredient in every beverage we handcraft, the most essential element in every meal we compose, and the most perceivable aspect of our hospitality and service. We practice and explore our craft as art. While respectfully regarding and preserving tradition, we use progressive and uncompromising methods in our determination to create your elixir. Our elegant environments, influenced by modern design, are inviting and comfortable. We support and promote local businesses, and cultivate and foster community growth. Passionately dedicated to detail, we are motivated and inspired to present memorable experiences and share our lifestyle with you.”

Take a look at their coffee list here.

Coffee Bar

Bird Rock Coffee is yet another coffee shop to hang out in – and this coffee shop is extraordinary. It actually features a coffee bar, which they extensively described in their official website. Find out more about University City CA

“Our pour-over bar, one of the first in San Diego, features our very best 3-4 coffees brewed via Kalita 185 ceramic wave or Chemex with the metal Kone filter. The pour-over bar offers one an excellent opportunity to experience all the nuances and complexity of our coffee, meticulously brewed to order. Next door to the coffee bar is the Art Cooperative, a Space for Art and Music. Each month we feature art from local artists in addition to space dedicated to art installations from local schools. We also feature live music on the weekends in addition to a twice-monthly open mic.”

Check out their coffee selection here.

Coffee and French Pastries in University City

For those who fancy a Parisian Vibe, then Le Macaron French Pastries might just be the It place to chill out and relax with a book in hand a cup of joe. What to Look for an Apartment in University City

In their homepage the owners described how they came to establish their café, and capitalize on their specialty – French Macarons.

“Our true French macaron is made with the finest gluten-free ingredients, no preservatives and is about 80 calories each. Beyond the signature macarons, our menu includes gourmet chocolates, French gelato, classic French pastries, European style beverages and homemade candies. Some locations may also serve a variety of wine and sparkling wine.”

Check out their menu offerings in their website here.

Coffee bars are indeed interesting when in University City and La Jolla.


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