Cupcakes are a hit to almost anyone with a sweet tooth, and why not? It is more manageable to eat, it gives you the freedom to taste more flavors than be attached to buying one whole cake, and more importantly, it is fresh and always yummy when bought in a reputable cupcake place.

San Diego is one city that has its share of Cup Cake shops that will surely catch the attention of the cupcake lover in you.

Here are the top four cupcake places to check out when you are in San Diego City:

  1. PURE Cupcakes – This cupcakery serves up cupcakes for people from all walks of life, including those who are allergic to gluten. It actually topped San Diego A-List’s top ten cupcake shops in the city. A background info on the same website reads “At PURE Cupcakes, our love and passion for cupcakes is reflected in every little cake. We are committed to using only the freshest & finest ingredients…fresh cream, sweet butter, Belgian chocolates, spices, fruits & home-made curds. Each cupcake is adorned with the perfect finishing touch and are baked fresh daily.” Read more here.
  1. Heavenly Cupcakes – Is yet another top-rated Cupcake place in the San Diego area. It is a space for great cupcakes and one of their most popular is their chocolate mint variety. The Culture Trip described heavenly cupcakes in one of its posts: “Their best-kept secret has to be Thin Mint. Normally one will wait for the Girl Scouts to bring these classic cookies out, but not in San Diego. Heavenly’s cupcake version includes actual pieces of Thin Mints whipped into the batter, and is topped with one as well.” Read the rest of the review here.
  1. Frost Me – This cupcakery is not just a must-go-to shop in San Diego California, it also is a pride of the City. Frost Me won food network’s Cupcake Wars recently. They offer as well Gluten-free versions of all of their cupcake flavors. Here’s some info from its official website. “Frost Me Gourmet is San Diego’s premier cake and cupcake bakery specializing in hand crafted, one of a kind cupcakes. Frost Me prides itself on beautifully decorated, and delicious cupcakes and cakes for any occasion. You can catch us at one of the many community events throughout the year.”
  1. Elizabethan Desserts. Offers classic comfort food, which happens to be mostly desserts! It consistently ranks in lists of top dessert places in San Diego because of the delectable finds from this dessert place. Check out the many cupcake flavors that they offer. They swear that they do not use commercial mixes, synthetic dairy, as well as shortening-based mixes.

When looking for the best cupcake place in San Diego, CA you now know where to find some!

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