They say when you want to explore a place, the best thing to do is to check out the local food scene. Just like its locals, food in San Diego, CA is diverse, and will definitely be appreciated regardless of a person’s cultural background. There are many choices, many cuisines, and a wide array of fresh food to choose from.

Here’s a mini-guide to food tripping pit stops in San Diego, California:

  1. Bang Bang – If you have a tongue for Asian Food then Bang Bang is the best restaurant to explore. Bonus item here is that it has the largest mirror ball in the whole of West Coast – so feast your eyes on that too! Here’s how website described the place, “Bang Bang is a sushi palace in San Diego that lets you dine on top of a koi pond, and’s got crazy signature rolls like the Bruce Lee, as well as a banana-bacon ice cream sandwich.” Check out Thrillist’s photos of this restaurant
  2. Rubio’s – If all the sights of coastline in San Diego, California makes you crave for yummy fish tacos then head to Rubio’s. Locals revere this restaurant as the Godfather of Fish Tacos. Local Wally gave a lowdown on the popular entrée in this restaurant, “Get the two taco plate, one original fried taco and the other shrimp, and get ready for a life changing experience. Their other grilled fish tacos are equally delicious, my favorite being the Mango Habanero Grilled Mahi – it’s not as hot as it sounds.  Locals with a smaller appetite know to order a taco a la carte but ask for it “in combo”, which adds beans and chips.” Read the continuation
  3. Michele Coulon Dessertier – If you have a sweet tooth, then this is definitely the food-tripping destination for you. USA Today’s 10 Best describes this La Jolla eatery as a sophisticated dessert place that should not be missed when visiting the San Diego CA area. “Michele Coulon takes no shortcuts. She uses nothing but top quality ingredients: local produce (organic whenever possible), the richest chocolate, the finest liqueurs, and real butter and cream. In truth, everything she makes is fantastic, but some popular examples are the Lemon Bavarian (light cake with Bavarian cream and lemon curd), banana cake and the Gianduia (dense bittersweet and milk chocolate torte with roasted hazelnuts). A brief but elegant lunch menu includes spinach salad with prosciutto and goat cheese, French onion soup, and a free-range pork salami sandwich on a baguette.” Read more

So when you are in San Diego, you now know were to dine.

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