Serra Mesa electricians are usually busy during the summer. And why not, households usually seek preventative maintenance inspections during this time of the year. But what do electricians check during a maintenance inspection?

One of the first things an electrician in Serra Mesa will check during a maintenance inspection are all the light switches and sockets.

In Serra Mesa, licensed electricians have a set routine when it comes to conducting safety and maintenance inspections on residential properties. And depending on the household, these routine maintenance inspections can have additional items on the side like when there are pools to check, and additional home appliances to install.

Maintenance Checklist for Serra Mesa Electricians

Serra Mesa homeowners can expect several steps included in an electrical preventative maintenance inspection for a residential property. The first thing most electricians do upon arriving at a client’s home is a visual inspection.

Even from the outside, electricians would check whether tree branches are getting entangled with overhead electrical lines. When bushes and branches entangle with electrical fixtures and power lines, power cuts can occur.

Indoor Electrical Inspection in Serra Mesa

The licensed electrician will then move inside the home. He will initially inspect the breaker panel or the fuse box. He will check whether there is anything out of place, seemed burnt or anything irregular. He will check if all the fuses are operating properly and if everything is still safely installed.

After that, he will check all the lights, switches, and electrical outlets if these are all working. The Serra Mesa licensed electrician will likewise take a look at the outlet plates and switches if they are hot or browning.

He will then check if the earthing and grounding are correctly done. After which he will check all the wiring if it is still up to present safety standards. He will also see to it that wirings are grouped appropriately.

Electrical Safety and Maintenance Inspection in Serra Mesa

Another area that he will check is the insulation of wirings and sockets or electrical fixtures have appropriate insulation. Areas, where wiring could intersect with damp or wet areas, must have properly insulated wiring to keep everyone at home safe.

The electrician will also remediate whatever electrical problem and safety hazard he has observed during the preventative maintenance inspection. He will also recommend safety upgrades needed by otherwise older and outdated electrical systems. Some homes, especially those built 25 years ago, or earlier already have outdated electrical systems. Their fixtures are most likely no longer up to the current safety codes and would need immediate upgrades.