An electrical inspection is a crucial safety measure every Serra Mesa home should implement. It prevents damage to appliances and electronic devices, accidents, and fatal injuries, as well as home fires. Preventative maintenance inspections are part of the services offered by most licensed electricians.

It is time to call for an electrician in Serra Mesa when switch plates seem hot to touch and seem burnt and discolored.

While electrical inspections are recommended at least once a year, there are instances that a homeowner should seek such service when he sees possible issues in his electrical system. It is therefore very crucial to pay attention to electrical details at home and check on these areas now and then to avoid untoward incidents.

Signs a Serra Mesa Home Needs an Electrical Inspection

Newly constructed homes are usually free from electrical trouble. This however does not mean that the homeowners should relax and shrug off possible electrical red flags that indicate a need for an electrician’s safety inspection.

So what are these signs? What should homeowners watch out for in terms of budding electrical problems?

A Sudden Spike in Serra Misa Home Electric Bill

It is best to get in touch with a licensed electrician in Serra Mesa when electrical bills go way too high without changes in usage. While this could point out an HVAC issue, it could also mean other electricity-related problems. Some things that come to mind include electrical leaks, as well as malfunctioning electric meters. Whatever the case may be, a licensed electrician can easily remediate this issue and give a respite to the household budget.

Burning Smell Around the House

When there seems to be a burning smell around the house, but the homeowner could not pinpoint the source, then he should call up an emergency electrician.

Usually faulty electrical wiring and other electrical problems like overloaded circuits cause overheating. Once the fixtures can no longer bear the overheating, it sparks and produces a burning smell. This spark could even lead to a fire.

Call up a licensed Serra Mesa electrician before things get worse.

Overdependence to Extension Cords in Serra Mesa

When a homeowner seems way too dependent on extension cords, it indicates that there are not enough power outlets at home. A licensed Serra Mesa electrician can help with this, as he can add power load and install more outlets around the house.

Burnt Switch Plates in Serra Mesa

Hot and burnt like switch and outlet plates are red flag signs that a home badly needs a safety inspection. It means that the circuits that serve those outlets and switches are overloaded and need repair.

Lastly, when breakers keep on tripping, it is time to call for a Serra Mesa electrician inspection.