What to do during power black outs

Power Outage

Stay safe during power black outs. (Photo Credits)

Power outages may not be too common but it still happens, and at times it can be extended.

There are safety measures that should be implemented in any home during these occurrences to ensure the safety of homeowners and the longevity of appliances.

Property Casualty 360 shared tits readers tips on what to do before a power outage, during a power outage, and then after a power outage. Electricians

“Most parts of the U.S. are safe from snow and ice storms that can cause power outages.But in the summer months, you may face a blackout from heavy winds, thunderstorms or power system overload. You could even be dealing with a power outage caused by a car running into a utility pole.”

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Stay Safe

Kohler Generators also gave safety tips during extended black outs. Builders and Contractors 

“Turn off major appliances such as water heaters, stoves and air conditioning units. Unplug other appliances such as TVs, stereos, microwaves and computers. This will prevent damage to appliances and possible overloads to the system when power is restored.”

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Media outfit News9.com meantime gave food safety tips during extended power outages.

“Whether your power has been out for hours or days, it’s important to know what is still safe to eat and what needs to be thrown out. The Oklahoma City County Health Department said if the power is off for less than four hours, unopened food should be fine as long as it has not gotten above 40 degrees. A full freezer will keep food at a safe temperature for up to two days if you keep the door shut.”

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How do you keep safe during black-outs?


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