Random Stories on Light Switches

I know another place to be

Switch and light up. (Photo Credits)

Light switches can be ignored as they can be plain and are routinely dealt with.

But they can be fab and fun too.

Just like this switch featured over at Nerd Approved. Electricians

“These Frankenstein light switch paddles are perfect for your basement laboratory. I would scream ‘It’s Alive’ every time I turn the lights on. Etsy shop 3D Printing Egg makes each light switch by request for single, double and triple setups, although the multi-switch plates look way more ominous. The ABS Plastic plates are shipped unpainted so you can color match your room perfectly.”

Take a look at the photo here.

Switching it up

The website vine featured a fun video clip for Star Wars fans. The video shows Yoda who is moving as if he is finding a light switch in a dark room.  Builders and Contractors 

“When you’re trying to find a light switch in the dark.”

Watch the clip here.

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Godvine.com meantime featured a video of a light switching that brought a happy holiday surprise.

“Unsuspecting New Yorkers were in for a Christmas treat when the discovered a giant light switch in a nearby park. And when they flipped it on…now THIS is my kind of Christmas surprise!”

Watch the video here.

What was the most unique light switch you have ever seen?