Incorrect use of electrical sockets can lead to electrical injuries

Incorrect use of electrical sockets can lead to electrical injuries

Electrical accidents can occur at any time and can occur because of anything at home. So, knowing all the hidden and not-so-hidden causes are essential for the whole household’s safety.

This article will discuss the most common causes of electrical injuries at home, and what homeowners can do to prevent these accidents from occurring in the first place. Electrical accidents include minor electrical shocks, moderate to severe electrical shocks, electrocution, and electrical fires. Gforce Electric Main Page

Extension wires

Extension wires can overload power outlets and it is one of the top culprits when it comes to electrical injuries. When outlets are overloaded, the chances of overheating wires are much higher, increasing the probability of electrical fires. Moreover, extension cords can easily get wet due to their location. It can also cause people to stumble over the wires. Gforce Green Electric Solutions Lakeside

Problematic power outlets

When power outlets are loose, malfunctioning, and produce a humming or buzzing sound, it can instantaneously cause trouble. It is best to have a certified electrician repair or replace the receptacle even before it causes damage to the appliance plugged into the socket, cause electrical injuries, or sparks electrical fires.

Damaged electrical fixtures and faulty appliances

Putting off repairing or buying new wires or appliances is one of the most common hazards. Homeowners should refrain from using faulty appliances and have them repaired or replaced. The same goes for damaged electrical fixtures. Never put off repairs as it can cause accidents. Gforce Green Electric Solutions Poway

  • Here are some tips to prevent faulty electrical fixtures and damage to appliances:
  • Keep all types of wiring out of the reach of both children and pets
  • Pull cords not from the wire but the plug.
  • Safely use appliances, and follow safe operating procedures. Make sure that the wires of these appliances are not obstructing anything and will not cause household members to stumble.

Curious kids and electrical safety

Teaching kids the basics of electrical safety is crucial. Always remind children that water and electricity do not mix. Teach them how to utilize appliances safely. Childproof electrical fixtures at home to keep toddlers and babies from getting electrical injuries. For instance, Tamper-resistant outlets are the best solution for families with very young children. This is the requirement for new homes, however, homes built before this requirement must upgrade on their own.