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Farrington Park - Kitchen (Light)

Light up the kitchen and see it transform into a whole new space. (Photo Credits)

The kitchen is the heart of every home, and changes in its lighting will definitely help brighten it up and transform its look.

For Better Homes and Gardens, pendant lighting makes any kitchen look fabulous. Electricians

“Pendant lighting in your kitchen can be both practical and beautiful. Find ideas here about what styles, shapes, and colors of the fixtures will be best for your kitchen design.”

Check out the photos here.

Fun and Bright meantime shared ideas on hanging lights used over the kitchen. Electricians

“The lights in the kitchen may be hanging and stationary, let’s see what variants there are for hanging lights. You may hang bottles or jars, it looks very kitchen-like and funny, especially colored bottles. A nice idea is a beautiful chandelier in case your interior allows. Such a lamp may be easily made by yourself, there is a plenty of tutorials. Take a whole bunch of minimalist lamps and hang them on the ceiling. A nice idea is a hanging tray with lots of candles – that creates intimate light and brings coziness. Gird hanging lamps will help to create an industrial or steam punk kitchen interior.”

Take a look at the inspiring ideas here.

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“For you hard-core DIY types (and you know who you are), we’ve come up with a few starter ideas, confident that you’ll take this concept and run with it.”

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What type of lighting design do you have in your kitchen?

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