All About Landscape Lighting

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Glam up the home from the outside with landscape lighting. (Photo Credits)

Landscape lighting can make any home look wonderful, and well maintained.

With the nice lights accentuating the landscaped and manicured lawns, who would not think that such a home is lovely.

The website Young House Love chronicled how they came up with the idea of having landscape lighting in their home. Builders and Contractors 

“We’ve always gawked lustily at the homes in our neighborhood with landscape lighting (so stately!). You know, that welcoming come-hither glow in the evening hours. And when we saw Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick post this tutorial, it quickly leapt to the top of our to-do list. I’ll fess up that we didn’t photograph the installation process very thoroughly (read: at all), but the whole connecting wires part was pretty straight-forward.”

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Best type of light for landscape lighting

But what is the most efficient lighting to utilize for landscape lighting? answered the question in its website. Electricians

“Better yet, hire a specialist—or your landscaper—to install a pro-grade lighting system. You’ll get the 2700k light of traditional incandescent bulbs, plus higher-grade electronics, buried in deep trenches with protective conduit in locations where you’re likely to dig (like mulch beds). That means no cut wires from gardening projects or short-outs from water that seeps into the wire connections. You’ll pay around $3,000 to $4,000 for the full package—pathway lights, uplights on the house and trees, step lights on the stoop. And you’ll get more than just a higher quality product. A good lighting specialist will bring professional design techniques to your lighting plan, not just by placing the lights for the best results but also using a variety of different lenses on the fixtures and wattages for the bulbs to create a pleasing scene.”

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Lushome meantime shared great outdoor lighting ideas.

“Modern outdoor lights come in various styles, materials, sizes and shapes. When the sun sets, outdoor lighting design can bring life to your garden and accentuate yard landscaping. Trees and shrubs, garden structures and flowerbeds, water fountains and landscaping rocks, waterfalls and outdoor furniture look amazing at night when you use outdoor lighting. Modern outdoor lights can add stunning centerpieces to yard landscaping or highlight your beautiful backyard designs. The sound of waters flowing into the pond feels mysterious and very romantic, combined with glowing night lights, lanterns and soft lighting fixtures. Good outdoor landscaping is impossible without night lights.”

Here’s a link to the whole post.

Do you have landscape lighting at home?

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