How to tame electricity bill amidst intense heat waves

How to tame electricity bill amidst intense heat waves

The scorching summer heat does not only send temperatures soaring but also makes electricity bills skyrocketing. And with the cost of living rising to unprecedented levels, homeowners find themselves thinking of ways to curb the rise in utility costs.

But for some areas, the heat has become unbearable and is even health threatening. Gforce Electric Website Air conditioning has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Hence, most homeowners are in for a bill shock once they receive notice of how much they would have to pay at the end of the billing period.

Is it possible to stay cool without maxing out on the power bill?

The air conditioner is the main go-to of most homes when it comes to cooling. However, there are alternate solutions that can help everyone withstand the intense heat waves without breaking the bank. Below are some tips on how to keep residential properties comfortably cool without overspending. Poway Gforce Electric

Use the thermostat wisely

Raise thermostat levels up to two degrees higher, if possible, especially when leaving the house for a couple of hours. Switching to a programmable or SMART Thermostat is also useful in curbing power bills. It adjusts the HVAC temperature when no one is around to need cooling. Moreover, it can also adjust thermostat levels automatically at nighttime, when it is a bit cooler.

By not forcing the HVAC to work hard 24/7 homes can see a respite in raising power bills, and in the maintenance of the air conditioning units.   Lakeside Gforce Electric

Keep the AC well maintained

A well-maintained HVAC Unit does not unnecessarily consume power that will consequently drive-up consumption. Make sure that the filters are replaced routinely, and seek professional maintenance regularly.

Avoid doing heat-producing chores during the daytime

As much as possible, delay baking, cooking, ironing, and clothes drying during the daytime when electricity rates are much higher, and the temperatures are soaring. By doing this, homeowners can keep their ACs from continuing to cycle, overwork, and over-consume power which ultimately leads to high power bills. Start these chores well into the evening and save up a fraction of utility costs.