What to do with old and used light bulbs?

Used light bulbs can be turned into decorative items


Old Light Bulbs, What to do? (Photo Credits: Tom Adamson, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Once they are busted, most homeowners just dispose their used lightbulbs. Some artistic individuals though find a way to upcycle these used bulbs and turn them into functional, if not decorative pieces for the home.  Electrician

Awesomeinventions.com came up with sixteen ways to re-use old lightbulbs. “You can transform old light bulbs into a myriad of different wonderful things. From decorations and crafts, to miniature vases or even a teeny weeny ecosystem. These are great little projects that can save you money instead of buying fancy items for your home!” See the projects here.

In her YouTube channel, Marieke Vander Maelen gave a detailed instructional video on how to make a mini-terrarium out of an old light bulb. She said “removing the top part, is the hardest part of upcycling” an old bulb. Watch it here. Electrician Career

Meantime, in his YouTube video entitled “Recycled Light Bulbs made into Vases, an easy recycling idea” Saeid Momtahan showed how vases can be made out of used bulbs. After emptying the light bulb using a long nose, Saeid reminded viewers to “wash completely the inside part and the outside part of the light bulb.” Watch the whole instructional video here. Electrician Salary

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Recycling, Upcycling, and not just throwing away stuff can help the environment and at the same time can help beautify the home. Who knows it can even generate extra income.

For a Pakistani Artist though, a Light Bulb can be decorative even before it gets upcycled. In her winning masterpiece featured in slate.com Anila Quayyum Agha proved that a single lightbulb can create a roomful of tasteful, artistic, if not cultural design. “Agha’s stunning piece is an obvious crowd-pleaser, a 6½-foot square laser-cut, black lacquer wood cube suspended from the ceiling and lit with a single light bulb that casts breathtaking 32-feet-by-34-feet shadows to create instant architecture in an otherwise empty room.” See the winning piece here.


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They may be unassuming, but  light bulbs surely still have a lot more use apart from its original purpose.

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