Storing lights

Holiday lights should be safely stored for the succeeding holiday seasons.

Decorative lights make any home feel more festive and warm during the holiday season. While they bring joy to the eyes of every person who gets to see the decors, these once-a-year decors do not come cheap. For this reason, almost every household endeavors to use the same set of string lights and decorative lights in the succeeding years. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to use the same set from last year.

Like any other décor, storing holiday lights require ample caution and care. There are ways to store them correctly so that they could still function the way they should the next time around. Chula Vista Office

Tips on holiday light storage

Since holiday lights are electrical, it needs maximum care given that electrical accidents can occur when these contraptions are damaged. Homeowners should in effect handle the holiday lights carefully to prevent them from getting wet, absorbing moisture, and getting damaged by intense heat or pests.

When lights get wet or attract moisture, it can put everyone at risk for possible electrical shock. The same goes when rodents chew on the wires. Below are some holiday electric decor care storage tips, homeowners can use as they store their holiday lights after this year’s festivities. Gforce Green Electric Solutions

Electric light storage

Store holiday lights in a safe place indoors. It is best to place the lights in a storage bin that would not attract pests or moisture. It should also be away from sunlight.

It is best to store decorative lights on their own. Do not put anything heavy on top of the lights as they may break.

If the original container of the holiday lights is still available then store the lights there when it is time to remove them from the house. However, if the containers have been discarded already, just wind up the lights in makeshift cardboard to prevent them from getting tangled. Put only one set of lights per cardboard for easier retrieval and better organization. Huntington Beach Gforce Electric

If possible, label each holiday light with the year it was purchased. This is valuable information that the owner can use for tracking the age of the lights, and when deciding which ones to use in a specific location. For instance, older, and less stunning lights can be used in inconspicuous areas.