Electrical shock can happen in any home. It can cause serious, if not, life-threatening injuries. Property owners should take it upon themselves to educate the rest of their households on key prevention measures as well as first aid measures in dealing with electrical shock.

Several factors come into play when it comes to electrical shock prevention and dealing with it if ever it occurs. Familiarization with first aid treatment for electrical shocks is also crucial in ensuring every family member’s protection. Breakers and Fuses

Knowing how to deal with an electrical shock could save the life of the victim.

Dealing with an electrical shock

Knowing how to deal with an electrical shock could save the life of the victim. Not knowing what to do puts everyone in harm’s way. The vulnerability to injuries, and even fatal electrical shocks go beyond the victim, as even family members who are attempting to help could also sustain electrical injuries. S

The best thing to do upon witnessing an electrical shock is to turn off the main power source if it is safe to do so. Refrain from touching the victim, and tell everyone to do the same. If it is not safe to turn off the power, the homeowner should endeavor to remove the victim safely from the electrical source, without touching him. Electrical Safety

The best way to move the victim away from the electrical source without having to touch him is by standing on a non-conductive surface like a pile of papers or books, or a wooden board, and pushing away the electrical source through another non-conductive object like a wooden rod, a plastic broom handle, or a rubber floor matting.

Calling for emergency help

If power lines are the culprit, the homeowner should immediately call for emergency help and reach out to the utility company so that they could remove the power lines that drooped within the property. If the power lines fell into a vehicle, the passengers and the driver should refrain from getting out of the car unless there is an imminent danger of explosion or fire. This is because there is a significant chance that the power lines are energized and could cause electrocution. Gforce Green Electric Solutions

First aid treatment for electrical shock

After removing the victim from the electrical source or turning off the main power, the homeowner should immediately seek medical help. First aid treatment is crucial especially when the victim has lost consciousness.