The Reasons for Electrical Fluctuation

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When lightning strikes power and grid lines, power fluctuation may occur. (Photo Credits)

Electrical fluctuations are not an uncommon occurrence in a household especially when there are weather disturbances that can affect power supply.

But if the voltage fluctuations happen only to one home, instead of the whole neighborhood or apartment complex, and it happens fairly often then it may be time to call a licensed electrician for a home visit.

Here are possible reasons for electrical fluctuations: (1) Lightning striking near power lines; (2) Poor power distribution — This usually happens when the power infrastructure in an area suddenly cannot supply the electricity demands in the same area. Just like what had happened to a group of RV Campers in Maumee Bay State Park as reported by ABC13 in its official webpage. Master Electrician

“Electrical service surged, off and on, throughout portions of the weekend. Those who brought their campers and RVs to this state park had to tough out the humidity without air conditioning. Some of the campers were simply not prepared, and neither was the local electrical grid. A spokesperson with ODNR says the grid was designed 30 years ago, when recreational vehicles were smaller and required less electricity.”

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and lastly, (3) Damaged Power Lines. Corroded power lines can cause flickering and surging electrical power.

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The Dangers of Fluctuating electricity

NBC Los Angeles meantime reported about a flare that occurred in a neighborhood which was allegedly due to power fluctuations. American Lighting Association

“SoCal Edison workers found a Mylar, or metallic, balloon on lines that go directly to the refinery, but authorities did not immediately confirm the balloon caused the fluctuation, which involves changes in voltage. The Torrance Fire Department said the burn-off was not planned. The refinery had to report a flaring notification to the South Coast Air Quality District.”

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But what can be done with power fluctuations? shared Spanish Researchers came up with a solution. “A research team from the Technical University of Madrid and the University of Navarra (UPN) has developed a new solar simulator that can predict with accurary power fluctuations in grid-connected PV installations. The new technology was tested on a group of large-scale PV plants located in the same region. The two universities claims their new tool will enable grid operators to better integrate solar energy in electricity networks.”

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When power fluctuations happen in a home it will be best to consult a qualified electrician to ensure the safety of the whole household.

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