Steps to take following an electric shock

Danger Electric Shock Risk. Sign

Electric shock is very injurious, and could even be fatal. (Photo Credits)

Safety around electric fixtures should remain to be a priority especially inside the home. Knowledge on what to do in case of an electrical shock is very crucial especially in terms of ensuring the survival of the victim.

The website First Aid for Free shared tips on how to react to an electrical shock incident in the home. Builders and Contractors

“Be alert for hazards! It is urgent that the casualty be disconnected from the electrical source, either by: (1) turning off the power supply and disconnecting any plugs from the outlet, and isolating the electricity supply at the main board/trip switches if possible; or (2) removing the casualty from the electrical source by pushing or pulling them with non conducting materials, eg, wooden stick or board, rope, or blanket. Be careful not to touch the casualty’s skin before the electrical source is disconnected, and be alert for the presence of water or conducting materials which may be in contact.”

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Electrical Shock can cause burns

Burns is a potential injury caused by electrical shocks. The Health Site shared what to do in case the electrical shock leads to burns. Electricians  

“If the person is breathing but has minor burns, then wash it under tap water. Never cover the person in a blanket as loose fibres from the blanket might stick to the burns. Here’s more on first aid for burn injuries.”

Check out the whole first aid checklist here.

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In any home, children are the most vulnerable to electric shocks, so here are some tips from The Jakarta Post.

“Keep electrical cords away from toddlers who might chew on them (this type of incident could burn part of the lip or the end of the tongue). Teach children not to turn on lights or electrical appliances while standing on a wet floor or wet ground.”

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Children should indeed be kept safe at all times.

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