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Driving into a dark garage can be dangerous. You can go past stuff that may have been left in the garage floor. Accidents can happen anytime. It is therefore very important to have adequate lighting in the garage. American Lighting Association      

The website Kickstarter featured motion activated garage lights that could solve any property owner’s illumination problem in the garage.

“After designing a few really cool flashlights, we have been a bit engrossed in LED’s.  They have evolved an immense amount in recent years. LED’s pack a huge punch of power in an environmentally efficient package, and they are more efficient than traditional incandescent light bulbs.  LED’s are safer than CFL’s (no mercury and fear of breakage), they burn cooler than halogens, and they are much smaller than florescent lights.  What is not to like about LEDs?  We agree…nothing!  We nerd out on LED’s all the time.  In fact, that is how the TRiLIGHT idea was conceived.”

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Installing Garage Lights

The website meantime shared a cheap and easy way to light up the garage. Master Electrician             

“After a lot of thought, I came up with the idea of putting them directly onto my trusses. This would give me even lighting throughout and a clean modern look. I found that one LED strip wasn’t bright enough, so I added a second for more light. This is probably enough for general lighting but I wanted MORE POWER and added a third. Why not at this price, right? To give you an idea of the coverage, my garage is 24’x40′. I’m putting lights on 5 trusses and they are 8’6″ off the ground.”

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The website Off Grid Quest meantime lauded a new lighting technology that is not just perfect for home carports, it is also great for basements, and attics where motion-activated lights can be very helpful.

“Utilizing that single socket in your garage, attic, basement, etc. this handy screw-in device – which has a lifespan of 50,000 operational hours, can kick the illumination up by 3.8 times your standard 60 watt bulb. And, since it uses an LED system, the TRiLIGHT is far more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. This 3,000 lumen-outputting light comes with motion activation that can be toggled off as you so choose, and each of the TRiLIGHT’s three “arms” are individually positionable so you can aim that light exactly where you want it. Once the Kickstarter is over, the TRiLIGHT will retail for $130.”

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Garage lights are indeed very important. When a homeowner is clueless about what to install, and how to install, a call to a professional electrician contractor is the most logical thing to do.

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