Electrical Wiring 101


What a homeowner has to know about electrical wiring. (Photo Credits)

Having a bit of information about how electrical fixtures work around the house pays a lot especially when it comes to emergencies.

The website The Spruce gave a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide on electrical wiring systems. Builders and Contractors

“There are good electrical connections and some that should never be made. Although manufacturers sometimes give you the choice of a couple of different connection points, like with switches and outlets, a closer look will reveal which connection should be your choice. Loose connections can cause the device to heat up and that could lead to an electrical fire! In any electrical installation, you need a safe and secure connection to last a lifetime. Keep these connection tips in mind the next time you perform your next electrical wiring project.”

Electrician’s Tips on Cleaning Light Bulbs

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Top Electrician Tips

Ask The Builder also shared more tips on electrical wiring systems. Electricians           

“Perhaps the biggest tip I can offer is to plan for plenty of circuits. The cost of a 40 circuit panel vs. a 30 circuit panel is peanuts. Two hundred fifty feet of 12 / 2 cable with ground is peanuts. Anticipate what the load for a circuit might be and if in doubt, simply add another circuit to a room addition or house. Heck, add two more!”

Electrician-Installed Motion-Sensor Lights

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This Old House meantime shared some tips about wiring problems around the house.

“Some wiring problems are just inconveniences. But others can pose serious fire or electrocution hazards. If you’re buying a house (especially one that’s more than 50 years old), or if you’ve never had your wiring inspected, it’s a good idea to hire a licensed electrician to give your home a thorough going-over.”

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Knowing some basic information on wiring is important in ensuring the whole household’s safety.

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