Make your own Floor Lamps

dragonfly tiffany styled floor lamp

Floor lamps are versatile, functional and at the same time a great décor piece. (Photo Credits)

Floor lamps are decorative, utilitarian and at the same time allows homeowners to light up specific areas of the home without having to consume a lot of electricity.

They can be expensive though so some crafty and creative individuals venture out on making their own out of materials that are affordable, or even due for recycling.

I Spy DIY for instance shared how to make a DIY Copper Floor Lamp. Build Safe

I got all the copper pieces cut at the hardware store, and the copper elbows and caps were no problem, but that center cross piece in the middle was NOWHERE to be found, and so began the mad search. I scoured the internet, and was not willing to buy in bulk from China, so tried a bunch of cross fittings in different materials off Amazon, and after too many tries, still nothing fit. Next, I called around to all the plumbing stores, and after my 3rd call I found a store that sold one…for $20…errr…more than I was planning, but I was too far invested to say no at this point. With the stand pieces set, I was off to find the perfect shade, which I am sure could easily be purchase at the hardware store, but I had it in my mind that I wanted a vintage one.”

Read the rest of the article and take a look at the photos here.

Make your Own

The Summery Umbrella also shared how to make one this time using tree branches. Electrician 

“For instance, I have been wanting to create this DIY Branch Floor Lamp for months now, and when the opportunity and time arose I jumped on it! Then, as it came time to find the perfect lamp shade my darling little Ava actually picked out this Seedling Lamp Shade by Thomas Paul as her first choice.”

Check out the branch lamp here.

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Pillar Box Blue meantime gave a tutorial on how to make funky and colorful homemade floor lamps.

I spray painted the outside of the lampshade one section at a time. Using a different colour for each section in the order of a rainbow. I made sure that the bits not being sprayed with a particular colour were well covered up with newspaper and masking tape.”

Learn more here.

Have you ever tried making a DIY Floor Lamp?

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