Brighten up that Living Area

Private Home Living Room

Living room lighting inspirations. (Photo Credits)

The living room is the focal point of any home, and so accentuating a home’s design highlights with lighting will take its beauty up a notch higher.

Top Inspirations showcased more than a dozen lighting ideas that will surely make any living room look even better. Electrician  

“Hidden lights are usually put on the ceiling but if you want to be different, you may add them at the left or right side of the wall. There are lights with different volts. Also we have lights in different colors, red, blue, white or yellow lights. We could regulate the hidden lights and we will get a new room appearance every night. If we want to watch some film we could reduce the light.”

Check out the photos of the living rooms here.

More Lighting Ideas

Architectural Digest shared more living room lighting ideas. Build Safe  

“Silver-plate sconces from Remains Lighting flank the living room fireplace; the cocktail table is by Holly Hunt.”

Watch the slideshow here.

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Home-Designing meantime featured five lighting design ideas that will inspire any homeowner.

“Lighting plays an important but hard-to-define role within the home. It’s not just a tool to illuminate the home on dark days, yet it shouldn’t serve as a purely decorative piece of furniture either. A designer would certainly never want to start chasing stylish lighting ideas without thinking about the quality and intensity of the bulb, or without considering how the light interacts with the other elements in the room.”

Check out the lighting themes here.

How do you light up your living room?

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