Lighting issues are not uncommon in homes. Regardless of the age of a home, lighting issues can occur due to several factors. What is crucial though is that homeowners know how to deal with these lighting issues when it happens. It is also important that they know when to call for professional electrical help.

Common Lighting Issues in Residential Properties

Here are some of the most common lighting issues at home.

One of the most common lighting issues at home is flickering lights. Lights flicker usually due to power surges. Power surges usually occur due to intermittent weather, or due to fluctuations emanating from the external source of power. However, fluctuations and surges can be isolated to a property experiencing electrical issues. If electricity fluctuates in a home every so often then the homeowner should take the opportunity to seek a licensed electrical inspection that could help determine whether there are existing electrical safety problems within his property. Gforce Green Electric Solutions

Dimming lights

When the lights dim, it is usually due to burnout. Homeowners should check whether the light bulb is indeed at its end of the lifespan, and then replace it accordingly. However, if that is not the issue then the homeowner should check if the light bulb is correctly installed. Sometimes incorrect or loose installation could cause the dimming of light bulbs. Recessed Lighting Remodeling Ideas

It is another matter altogether though if the lights dim throughout the house. This is a serious electrical issue that warrants the immediate attention of a licensed electrician contractor. The possible causes range from faulty electrical wiring to overloading, or outdated wiring systems. Either way, the homeowner should ask a licensed electrician to diagnose and fix the issue to avoid electrical injuries and damages.

Light bulbs burn out too soon

When lightbulbs burn out easily, then it is a sign that there is an ongoing electrical issue within the socket or the circuit serving it. Most likely it is due to a loose connection, or corrosion within the contact point of the light socket. Either way, a licensed electrician could easily remediate this problem. Electrical safety

Malfunctioning light switches

Light switches could sometimes get troublesome, and usually, it is just due to some loose connections. Ask a licensed electrician to troubleshoot the issue, and refrain from carrying out a DIY repair. Self-repairing electrical issues could do more harm than good as it is a safety hazard, and incorrect repairs could lead to more problems, including electrical fires.