Residential and Commercial Full Wiring Services

Green Electric Solutions specializes in wiring services for both commercial and residential properties. There is no job that is too small or too big for us, as we can help you with wiring repairs, up to the updating of your outdated aluminum wiring system to copper wiring – which is touted as the better, and safer wiring alternative for homes and commercial establishments.

Electrical Wiring Services in San Diego

Rewiring Wiring San DiegoAs the leading electrician contractor services in the San Diego area, we at Green Electric Solutions have the expertise and the right supplies and equipment that are essential to all rewiring requirements. We see to it that all the rewiring services that we render comply with the latest guidelines of the National Electric Code to ensure the safety of your family and to avoid preventable home damage cause by electrical fires.

When we create wiring connections for every fixture in your home, we make it a point to carefully inspect all these to ensure that all wirings that we have installed are durable and solid.

We also make it a point that your electrical panel or fuse box are properly installed, and easy to operate if and when an emergency occurs and you need to shut it off. We are also known for installing neat and properly organized fuse boxes that will ensure that you will see appropriate labeling when you need to fix something in your electrical wiring system. All these we undertake to ensure your safety and protection from electrical accidents.

Knob and Tube Rewiring

At Green Electric Solutions, we are very proficient when it comes to updating phased out electrical fixtures like knob and tube wiring. We are experts in the removal of these types of wiring fixtures in view of replacing them with safer and more modern alternatives that meet the current guidelines of the National Electric Code. Installation of copper wiring has been one of our most sought-after services given the expertise that our tea, has when it comes to Knob and Tube rewiring.

Knob and Tube wiring is an electric wiring technology used until the 1930s. It makes use of copper conductors and porcelain insulating tubes that if not properly corrected, could become fire and electrical shock hazards. The latest developments in modern construction, particularly in electrical wiring eventually outdated this type of electrical wiring system. It however still is being used in many homes across the United States because not all homes have considered rewiring. If you are unsure as to the last time your older home has been inspected for electrical safety and maintenance, it will be I your family’s best interest to have a s home safety inspection, so as to determine possible safety issues specifically the existing wiring system used in your home. Should the certified electrician discover that your home’s wiring system is that of a Knot and Tube then Green Electric Solutions can help you in your rewiring concerns. We can immediately replace your wiring with a safer, modern, and most cost-effective electrical wiring solution which is copper wires.

If you suspect that your home still uses Knob and Tube Wiring, give us a call and we will conduct a no-obligation inspection complemented with a free cost estimate. We will walk you through the whole rewiring process that will help you to have a safer, and NEC-compliant property. We promise to be as least invasive as we can as we work on the whole home rewiring process.

Schedule Your Electrician’s Visit today

At Green Electric Solutions we endeavor to offer you top-notch quality electrician contractor services that you can afford. Our Electricians are all certified, licensed, and widely experienced. We have also conducted extensive background checks on them to give you the peace of mind while they work on your home or commercial property. Our company is also fully-bonded and insured, which means that you are well protected if and when damage occurs in relation to the service rendered to your property.

We also see to it that we provide prompt service, as we maintain our being punctual regardless if the requested service is routine or emergency in nature. We also assure you that we will keep you informed the rest of the way, as we clearly communicate with you all the plans, procedures, as well as developments in the electrical task that we are undertaking. Apart from valuing your time and property, we also value your money as we endeavor to find the most cost-effective solutions to your home rewiring concern. We also respect your premises, as we clean up after our job is done.

Should you happen to have more questions with regard to our home rewiring services, or any electrical requirement, please do not hesitate to call our 24/7 hotline via (858) 480-6559. Call us up today.