Although the recent hype surrounding Do It Yourself only seems to grow, there are serious risks involved with performing electrical repairs without a license. When it comes to complex electrical wiring jobs, DIY is a gamble that the short-term savings from not hiring a professional will be the worth the potential hardship caused by house fires, shocks, or legal fees.

There are two main reasons courts and companies are cracking down on electrical Do-It-Yourselfers. First, according to injury statistics, more than 30,000 non-fatal shock accidents occur every year. That’s over 82 separate cases every day. It’s now being reported that many of these incidents are caused from non-licensed home-owners trying to fix their own problems. Realistically, that hospital bill will probably cost more than hiring a professional in the first place. Find an Electrician Escondido here, available 24 hours a day.

Is there a particular DIY no-no that homeowners tend to attempt more than others?

D: Most homeowners attempt to carry out smaller electrical jobs like installing light switches and light fittings, wall lights etc as they feel this is a small simple job that would be too costly to call an electrician in for. What is a simple job for a qualified electrician can turn into a nightmare for a homeowner.

We have been called out numerous times to rectify faulty wiring that has been caused by the homeowner attempting to carry out the job themselves, we have had damaged light fittings, damaged cables and switches and in some cases we have had electrical accessories that have caught on fire. In the end this costs the homeowner a lot more money to rectify than it would have to hire the electrician in the first place. Electricity is extremely dangerous. It can kill. Leave it to the professionals and don’t chance it to save a few quid.


Second, many DIY electrical jobs are illegal.

Under Queensland’s Electrical Safety Act 2002, forbidden tasks include:

  • installing a new power point.
  • replacing a light switch.
  • replacing a batten holder with a new light fitting.
  • repairing an appliance such as a heater.
  • altering the location of an existing power point.
  • replacing a light fitting with a ceiling fan.
  • constructing an extension lead.
  • replacing a plug on the end of a lead.

Acceptable tasks for the home owner are:

  • replacing a drive belt in a washing machine.
  • cutting openings for, but not connecting, air-conditioning units.
  • fitting, but not connecting, an electric wall oven in a kitchen cabinet.

You may also be able to:

  • rewire old-style fuses.
  • install garden lighting and pond pumps.
  • install battery-operated smoke detectors.


In every state, there is an electrical code that specifies how each job is supposed to be completed. Professional electrician spring valley need to go through their state’s certification process before they can receive compensation for electrical work.

Practically speaking, if a job doesn’t satisfy the code’s standard, then although it might solve the current problem, it could lead to serious issues down the road. To make matters worse, if this something serious occurs, then your insurance company will be totally justified in not paying for the damages. Find a electrician Encinitas Today! we can help with any electrical project that you may have. We are fully licensed and certified.

Additionally, even if your job does satisfy the code’s standards, it won’t be considered certified work. In other words, your DIY job could be 100% code-compliant and approved by the building’s administration, but if something else goes wrong, like a house fire, then you would still be held responsible for all the damages.

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