Be Wary of Trees near Power Lines

Utility Firms Spearhead Tree Trimmings to Avoid Outages and Accidents

The Branches and the Power Lines

Tree branches amid power lines can be very dangerous. (Photo credits: Amanda, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Homeowners with large trees near electrical lines should regularly trim their tree branches.Find an Electrician in San Diego

Chula Vista Electrical Repair Center. reports that a fallen tree branch has caused a small electrical fire in its area. “A fallen tree limb knocked down a power line from a utility pole on Friday night, starting a small electric fire in a yard at 150 North Seneca Road. The Oak Ridge police and fire departments blocked the road until the Oak Ridge Electric Department was able to respond and shut off the power.” Poway Circuit Breaker Repair

Lakeside Electrician Services. Read the whole story here.

But apart from fires, tree branches falling on electrical lines also cause power outages. Electricians Servicing Escondido.

In Mississippi, reported that a local utility firm has moved to trim or remove trees that are next to power lines. In its report, it quoted an official of the utility firm as saying that “Fallen limbs or trees can cut power to hundreds or thousands of people at a time, and that’s why you see crews at work throughout the year in all conditions.” Read the whole story here.

Tree trimming near power lines have also been undertaken in Tampa, Florida. In its blogsite, Tampa Electric said this is being done to balance the good that trees bring in the community, and the risks it poses for continuous electrical supply. “We hate having to remove trees, but we are obligated to comply with the new federal standards.”  Big List of Electrician Services. Read the whole story here.

Builders and Contractors. With this homeowners should be wary if the trees in their area may have branches or limbs that could affect power lines. This is because these could not only cause outages, but could also lead to damage or loss of properties, or could give way to tragic accidents.