Huntington Beach has earned the monicker Surf City because it is indeed a home for surfers and surfing enthusiasts. But there is more to this ocean-side town in Orange County than being a Surf Capital.

Things to Do in Huntington Beach Other than Surfing

Nature-tripping in Huntington Beach, California. (Photo Credits)

For one there are plenty of other non-water related activities that can be done when in Huntington Beach, Orange County.

One of the non-surfing activities recommended by the locals is exploring the Bolsa Ecological Reserve. recommends this activity during weekends. Best Surf Bar in Huntington Beach

“See how many of the nearly 200 species of birds you can spot when you walk the dirt trails at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve. With five miles of public walkways surrounded on three sides by fancy suburban homes, enjoy the expanse of nature on your own or take one of the free tours offered on select weekends.”

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Listen to Music

Huntington Beach also has something in store for Music Lovers. Watching the Huntington Symphony Orchestra perform is included in a list of things to do in Huntington Beach as published by

In their article, they highlighted that this orchestra also aims to educate the public through music, reason why every performance will always be worth watching. Kid-Friendly Activities in Orange County

“Music lovers should look no further than the Huntington Beach Symphony Orchestra, which aims to deliver music to the community in all different styles and genres to suit a variety of tastes. To that end they deliver regular concerts throughout the year and also feature a youth choir.  There is also a focus on education through music, and the orchestra runs a series of outreach programs with the aim of making music accessible to all. Aside from their educational endeavors, there are also events dedicated to providing information on all aspects of artistic processes related to music such as presentations on conducting. These events are great for those who want to dig a little deeper.”

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Gastronomic Adventure

To get to know the city more, locals also recommend going on a food adventure. One of the most recommended places is Bear Flag Fish. The OC Register highlighted that this restaurant is one that visitors should go and check out. It is located in Pacific City, which is in turn along Pacific Coast Highway. Learn more about Huntington California

“Bear Flag, a seafood eatery, has a stunning space facing the ocean. Grab some poke (ahi or salmon, priced by the pound), which is served with tortilla chips. No rice bowls here. It’s all about the poke, which is dressed in a flavor bomb blend of sesame oil, Sriracha, seaweed salad and green onion. Want something heartier? Try the seafood burrito with swordfish, rice, black beans, lettuce and pico de gallo in a grilled tortilla.”

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Huntington Beach, Orange County is definitely a great place to explore.


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