Electrical surges can cause damage to appliances and electronic devices. It can happen due to several reasons, but whatever the cause, maybe a surge protector can at least avert any disastrous damage to expensive appliances and electrical devices.

A licensed electrician can install surge protectors on any property. Whole house surge protection after all is important in homes, just as it is important in a business establishment, offices, and industrial properties.

Power surges can severely damage appliances.

What causes power spikes or surges?

There are several reasons why power surges take place. There are external reasons, and then there are internal reasons that emanate from the property’s electrical system. Gforce Green Electric Solutions

External causes of power spike include those that come from the electrical grid. When the grid switches power, the electricity gets to fluctuates. This usually happens following a power outage. Intermittent weather conditions also cause power outages. lightning, in particular, can cause power surges that could render any appliance damaged.

Internal causes for power fluctuation and surges are the plugging in and unplugging of high-voltage devices. Once these appliances draw in power, electricity could surge within the system.

Electrical damage can happen over time

Power surges can happen over time or could happen in just one go. Those that usually emanate from lighting strikes are the most damaging. However, undetected power surges that happen in a small fraction of a second can also cause damage to electronics as well as appliances over time. Breakers and Fuses

Types of power surge protectors

There are two main types of power surge protectors. The Point-of-Surge protection devices, which provide surge protection for every power receptacle, and devices plugged therein. This protection device in essence does not stop the surge but instead, redirects the surge to the ground.

The next type of power surge protector is the point of use surge protector which is the usual go-to surge protection system of households. It resembles a usual power strip, but it has a special surge protection feature that could help protect from surge damage.

Service Entrance Surge protection is a comprehensive type of surge protection mechanism as it is installed in the home electrical circuit breaker system. Contact Us

Either way, a licensed residential electrician can help in installing a point-of-surge protection system, a service entrance surge protector, or a two-tiered protection system.