Attention owners of Tesla Models 3, S, and X, we at GFORCE Electric can install home chargers for you!

Happy to be of service to owners of one of the world’s most eco-friendly cars – TESLA. As a TESLA-approved electrician in the San Diego area, we at GFORCE Electric will ensure that you will have the most convenient means to charge and use your car. Only licensed, experienced, and TESLA-accredited electrician contractors can safely install an Electric Vehicle (EV) home charging station for you.

At Gforce Electric, we make recharging your Tesla as easy as just plugging it in 

As San Diego’s top-ranking electrician, we at GFORCE-Electric take pride in being part of TESLA’s list of accredited electricians. The car company has an exclusive list of approved electricians as home charging stations for Tesla Models S and X, and Model 3 demand a specific standard installation equipment and staff training. In the Greater San Diego Area, we at GFORCE are your best choice when it comes to mounting a charging station in your garage.

At present, TESLA recommends the 240-volt NEMA 14-50 outlet as a home charging station. Not all residential properties though may have enough electrical service to power this home charger. This is not a problem though with GFORCE Electric as we can accurately assess the powering capability of any home, upgrade your electrical panel and service as needed, so that you can safely have your TESLA EV Home Charging Station.

And since you have decided to get the most sustainable car, you should also not think twice about getting the best electrical service in mounting a TESLA home charging station. We at GForce Electric offer a guaranteed hassle-free installation so that you can get the most of your EV.

We have provided services to TESLA owners from Chula Vista, Greater San Diego, Rancho Santa Fe, Carmel Valley, Carlsbad, Del Mar, Encinitas, 4S Ranch, La Jolla, Bonita, San Marcos, Oceanside, and Escondido and they have expressed satisfaction over the installation work we carried out through stellar reviews and direct feedback.

Other EV makes and models

We can also help you install home chargers for every other class of electric vehicle, including:

  • Rivian R1T
  • Volvo Polestar
  • Lucid Motors
  • GMC & GMC Hummer
  • The Audi E-Tron Series
  • The BMW i3, i4, iX, i7
  • The Chevy Bolt
  • The Honda Clarity
  • The Hyundai Ioniq
  • Hyundai Kona Electric
  • Jaguar I-Pace
  • Kia Niro
  • Mini Coopers
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Porsche Taycan
  • Prius Prime

Understanding the difference between EV charging stations

There are two main levels of home car chargers, the Level 1 charging station mostly used for Hybrid Cars, and the Level 2 charging stations that need special installation. While a Level 1 charging station may seem easier to use as it can be plugged in on an existing home outlet, they do not provide enough electrical charge for regular use. It is meant for hybrid cars that could switch to gasoline or diesel fuel once the electrical charge runs out.

Level 2 charging stations are meantime the most reliable ones, as it can power charge an EV for normal vehicle use throughout the day. It will however require a dedicated circuit and will definitely increase the demand for electrical service from the house. This means that most likely an electrical service upgrade will be needed and professional installation from an accredited electrician contractor is required.

Having an EV charging station installed may require electrical work.

Depending on the assessment of the licensed electrician, a home charging station may require electrical upgrades. Usually, it calls for an electrical panel upgrade complemented with high-capacity wiring intended for the EV charging facility. The great thing about increasing electrical service, and having a dedicated power source for the charger is that the owner can fully maximize the power and features of the home charging station. Limited electrical source will also limit the power charging ability of the home EV charger.

Call us up at GforceElectric so that we could provide you with an accurate cost estimate for an installation of a TESLA approved Home EV charging station.