The City of San Diego, CA is teeming with many outdoor activities that people from all ages will surely enjoy.

The great weather in the city complements the many outdoor activities that can be done in the area. For those trying to lose weight, this could just be a great and fun way to get rid off those excess fats!

Here are some of the outdoor activities in San Diego, California that will help you lose weight:

  1. Go Kayaking in La Jolla’s Sea Caves. Breathe fresh air, get those arms and shoulders working as you kayak your way through La Jolla’s Sea Caves. There are seven amazing caves to explore that you will surely enjoy while buning all those fats due to kayaking.
  2. Explore the San Diego Zoo. The San Diego Zoo provides a great walking opportunity that will surely burn off all those excess weight. Enjoy the many sights that serve as a sanctuary of more than 4,000 species that make San Diego Zoo one of the best attractions in the state of California.
  3. Go Surfing! San Diego has one of the most attractive coastlines, and Coronado Beach in particular is a great place for surfers to catch the waves. Surfing burns a whole lot of calories and it is definitely one activity that you will enjoy while sweating it all out.
  4. Go sightseeing at the Torrey Pines State Beach. Hiking at the beach. Yes! Walk the trails of this unspoiled and gorgeous beach from the 300-foot trail up until the magnificent ocean side. Be in awe with nature because everything will just look amazing – the flowers, the breathtaking sights, the sunset, the cliff, and even the wildlife. Walking along this awesome location will not only live you refreshed and in awe with nature. It will make you lose all those pounds happily.
  5. Tour and hike along the Cabrillo National Monument. This national monument is ode to Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo who was the first explorer to have landed in the West Coast. Apart from the epic Point Loma Lighthouse, it also boasts of magnificent views that are best appreciated while hiking and sweating it out.
  6. Have fun biking along the Noble Canyon Trail. The Noble Canyon Trail is perfect for any biker regardless of their skill level. There is a difficult trail, and then a trail for intermediate-skilled cyclists, and that for beginners. USA Today shared some tips to travellers who would like to go biking in the area. “Highlights of the trail include mountain views, the remnants of an 1880’s gold mine, open chaparral and rocky outcroppings. Riders will also find a long descent with loose rocks. Ride the Noble Canyon trail in spring and fall but be prepared for a range of rapid weather changes. The trails are closed during winter storms, and during severe heat in the summer months. Hikers and riders can also experience portions of Noble Canyon.” Read the rest of the post here.

Exploring San Diego is definitely not just fun, it is also sweat-inducing and will definitely help any one to stay in shape.

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