Avoid tangled cords

Extension Cord

Do not let them get entangled. (Photo Credits)

Extension cords are very helpful around the home, but entangled and disorganized ones can be annoying, and could pose risks as well.

Tip Hero shared some ways to keep home extension cords neat and organized. Builders and Contractors 

“Usually, the problem with long cords like extension cords and outdoor power cords isn’t in the rolling up; it’s in the inevitable trouble you’ll have untangling them when you need to use them again. Luckily, you can avoid this tangled mess by simply using this effective rolling method. It’s called the over & under method, and we can tell it’s going to save us a whole lot of time and make for a lot less struggling.”

Watch the video here.

Organize it

Faith Tap also shared yet another hack to keep it from getting entangled. Electricians 

“For this first trick, start off by holding the two heads of your cord in one hand. Then, pull the cord with your other hand until it is untangled. Your cord should now be straightly folded in half.”

Check out more organizing tricks here.

Popular Mechanics meantime shared the best way to coil extension wires.

“Few things are as stressful in life than properly coiling up an extension cord. It’s so long! And aggravating! Then again, few things are as aggravating as untangling a badly tangled cord the next time you need to use it.”

Watch the video here.

How do you organize your extension cords at home?


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