Before hiring an electrician always check to ensure that they are licensed and certified by the State. Each carlsbad electrical contractor is required to meet on the job training requirements and pass a certification exam before they are allowed to perform san marcos electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance on properties. When calling your prospective electrician, ask for their contractor’s license number. You can cross reference their contractor’s license number with the state run database to ensure that the electrician you are about to hire is indeed licensed and certified. Hiring an unlicensed electrician can be dangerous and very costly. When you hire an unlicensed electrician you cannot be sure that they know what they are doing. Unlicensed electricians may not know the latest building protocols and the proper way to repair or fix electrical wiring. If an unlicensed electrician repairs your home and performs shoddy work, your home could be at risk for an electrical fire or further damage later on down the road.

Always check to ensure that the electrician you hire also has insurance and their company is bonded. You want to check this for your own protection, an electrician company spring valley should carry insurance so that in the event something catastrophic does occur your home will be cover by their insurance agency. So, if a contractor comes to you home and performs work, and later on your discover that the work that was performed resulted in an electrical fire that burned down one of the rooms in your home; then you can file a claim with their insurance and recoup all the damages that you incurred. If you hire an electrician that does not carry insurance then you leave yourself vulnerable in the event that something does happen.

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An on-off-on again career with hydro generation in the Waitaki Valley spanning 45 years has been the major part of John Sturgeon’s more than 50 years as an electrician, starting with a Dunedin apprenticeship.

Mr Sturgeon (67) has retired after ”51 years nine months and 1 day – just short of my 52 years”.

That started with R. Longton Jones Ltd in Dunedin, electrical contractors and the Otago distributors for Zip, on March 18, 1963, coming to the Waitaki Valley and joining the then New Zealand Electricity department (NZED) on November 18, 1969 and finishing on December 19 as electrical supervisor and controller for the mid-Waitaki dams and hydro stations of Waitaki, Aviemore and Benmore.

During that time he has also been involved in community groups and organisations in the Waitaki Valley, which will help keep him occupied in retirement, along with a mental list of jobs his wife Isobel has compiled for him to attend to.

During his time with the three power stations, he has been through three major Government restructurings of the electricity industry, the New Zealand Electricity Department (NZED) being split into the Electricity Corporation of New Zealand (ECNZ) for power generation and Transpower for transmission.

Later, the Waitaki Valley power stations became part of Meridian Energy Ltd and, more recently, Tekapo A and B going to Genesis Energy.

When Meridian employed electrical contractors to do the work on the three power stations, he survived working for seven companies in seven years, transferring from one to the other as contracts changed hands.

”Some of the things I will miss,” he said about his career.

”Other things, I’m happy to let go.”

He will certainly miss ”the other guys” he supervises and the ”adrenaline rush” when ”something big blows up” and it has to be brought back on line as quickly as possible.

Asked if that happened often, he replied: ”No, thank goodness.”

He will continue to be the Kurow Fire Brigade chief fire officer, chairman of Kurow Museum, a member of the Waitaki Valley Community Society, a panelist on the Waitaki restorative justice programme and play the solo tenor horn for the Timaru-based Alpine Energy Brass band.

He has other things lined up, including finishing an outdoor dining area of the Hakataramea property owned by himself and Isobel which he started as a retirement project.

Fishing and starting a midweek golf crew figure on his to-do list.

After serving his apprenticeship, and recalling his first job was being called to Donaghy’s Rope and Twine factory, Mr Sturgeon moved to the single man’s quarters at the Aviemore Village, which no longer exists.



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