Refrigerators that look better than usual

New refrigerator

Decorate your ref and do not let it look boring. (Photo Credits)

Refrigerators are mostly standard and plain looking. But you do not have to get annoyed with the plain-ish sight when you have a dash of creativity and extra time in your hands.

Design Asylum Blog for instance shared a do-it-yourself tutorial on painting an otherwise old and boring-looking refrigerator.

“The material of this refrigerator was smooth and slick, rather than the orange peel of some of the newer models.  I did a test spot for adherence and the paint grabbed really well so I did not prime.  I recommend you test any slick surface before you paint an entire piece.  Even though Velvet Finishes has a wonderful grip, it is not always going to stick to every surface every time.”

Non-Permanent Option

If you want something that is not permanent, then why not make your own fabulous refrigerator magnets?

House of Hawthornes shared a good DIY instructional on this. Builders and Contractors

“Sometimes you need a simple, quick and easy craft.  Something that takes 5-10 minutes to complete. So you can get in, get out and get on with your life. Enter my DIY seed packet refrigerator magnets. Ain’t nothing easier than this*.Find some pretty seed packets at the local store.”

Read the rest of the instructions here.

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But who says all the decorating should be outside the ref?

Just2Sisters.Com shared an instructional on how to make a DIY refrigerator mat. Electricians

“Even though I am very “uncrafty” I was sure DIY Refrigerator Mats was something even I could handle. All you need is plastic place mats and a pair of scissors. You may need a tape measure or paper to make a template. I couldn’t find a darn tape measure, so I used paper templates to measure my refrigerator mats.”

Check out how to do the mats here.

So how do you intend to beautify or decorate your ref?

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