Home Landscape Lighting Reaches New Heights

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There are now very modern techniques in illuminating your garden or home landscape. Photo Credits

Landscape lighting has reached new heights lately that there are just so many options now on how most modern homes could literally put a spotlight focus on their garden.American Lighting Association

Website Plantcaretoday.com shared in one of its blog posts, different techniques that can be used in landscape lighting. “Lighting designers and engineers have at their disposal, many new, durable materials from which they have created a wide array of lamps and new landscape lighting fixture designs. Garden lighting fixtures now can play a part in the overall landscape design plan. Instead of only the ‘runway effect,’ lighting techniques can create shadows, highlight plants, water garden features and draw attention, all with automatic control.”

Read and see the sample photos here.

Creative lighting

Gardening website Gardenista.com meantime put the spotlight on uplighting as a technique in illuminating gardens and landscapes. “As part of an overall landscape lighting plan, uplighting is particularly good at spotlighting focal points of your garden and home. Specifically, uplights will: highlight garden features, including your prized plants or architectural features; create nighttime drama in your landscape with shadows; Add depth to outdoor walls, fences, or other flat surfaces; contribute ambient light for safety and security; establish or emphasize outdoor space boundaries.”

See uplighted gardens and landscaping here.

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But if you do not have a roomy budget for landscape lighting, why not make homemade sun jars for your garden? Website apartmenttherapy.com shared some ways on how to light up your garden on a budget. “Sun Jars For Your Garden: Sun Jars are beautiful solar-powered lights for your garden. Master Electrician. They feel like you’ve got fireflies caught inside of them. You can use them anywhere.”

Read the instructions on how to make a sun jar here.

Garden lighting – whether using an expensive or inexpensive technique, will surely help beautify your garden.