Lights and Mood Setting

EL Wire Dress, Diana Eng's Fairytale Fashion Show at Eyebeam NYC / 20100224.7D.03492.P1.L1.C23 / SML

Lights and its amazing effects. (Photo Credits)

Lights always have a great capacity to turn even a somber situation into something more pleasant.
Mood lighting for instance changes the way a part of the house or a commercial space looks. It could even uplift what’s supposed to be dry and dreary.

That is why encourages its readers to consider installing mood lighting in their respective homes.

“Ready or not, winter is coming. While most of us love the beauty of the first snow of the season or the tradition of spending holidays surrounded by family and friends, we don’t relish the idea of waking up in the dark and returning home in much the same state. If you’ve ever wondered why you feel that way, we have the answer. Prolonged exposure to darkness actually has a psychological effect on all of us.

Fortunately, there is something you can do to bring summertime into your home all year round. Take a look at the benefits of mood enhancing lights below and decide for yourself. Why not incorporate one into the undoubtedly fabulous lighting scheme in your home? After all, who doesn’t want their interiors to do double duty?”

Check out the suggestions here.

Wear the lights?

Light-up wearables are also lighting up the fashion scene.

In this post published by, it featured light up wearables that are so fascinating. American Lighting Association.

“Illuminated clothing is one of the more, ahem, visible branches of wearable technology, so itʼs no surprise that a few feet of EL wire can turn heads and add an extra dimension to your outfit. But that looks downright old-fashioned compared to these fantastic light-up creations. Some of these projects show that less is more. And the rest show that more is more. Take note: Itʼs not how bright you are, itʼs how stylish you look in the light.”

Check out the photos here.

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And what else could up the good vibes than Christmas Lights?

Check out this light display featured over at viral buzz. Electricians

“Watching this video is a good start to many families Christmas tradition of driving through decorated neighborhoods. It will certainly put you in the holiday spirit. Decorating originated with using apples, nuts and other foods as early as the 18th century. It was then replaced by candles and then with Christmas lights. What will be next?”

Check out the video here.

So how does lighting affect your mood?

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