Regularly Clean Remote Controls in your home and office

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Clean remote controls regularly. (Photo Credits)

You hold it on a daily basis, but do you clean it regularly?

Remote controls could be receptacles of germs and dirt, therefore it needs routine cleaning.

Australian website The Organized Housewife shared a quick and easy way of ensuring that dirt and germs do not get passed around in the house via the remote.

“Remote controls are touched by everybody in the house, well ours is I presume yours would be too, even the cat tends to sit on it.  As you can imagine like all other items in the home, the remote control does get a build up of dust, dirt and even germs over time.  Think when somebody is sick and touches the remote, then a healthy family member touches it, they just picked up the germs.  So it’s a good idea to regularly clean remote controls.”

Read the instructions here.

Deep clean it

NT Designs online meantime shared a way of deep cleaning a remote control. Master Electrician 

“I’ve seen MX-850s in clients’ homes that look like they’d been used as utensils for eating Chinese food.  The problem is, with it’s big rubber buttons and countless nooks and crannies, the remote is very hard to give a proper cleaning.  It also doesn’t have a single screw holding the chassis together, so taking it apart to clean seems to be out of the question.”

Check out the cleaning instructions here.

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But how do you disinfect a remote control?

“How often do your kids watch TV while shoveling a snack into their mouths? Dr. Reynolds says that when they’re snacking and using electronics, food oils and crumbs are transferred to the electronic surfaces, which then become hospitable environments for germs. So while many of us are focused on keeping our kids healthy by feeding them apple slices or carrot sticks, we often forget what happens when their hands leave the plate and start touching everything else. Messy eating and playing with toys and gadgets – it’s all just another wonderful part of growing up.  But there are simple, common-sense ways we can reduce germs on electronic devices in our homes without taking the fun out of eating and playing.”

American Lighting Association Read the disinfecting procedures here.

When was the last time you cleaned your home remote control?

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