Taking a walk down the memory lane in Huntington Beach could be an interesting activity. It surely will entertain and at the same time educate both locals and tourists about the past that Huntington Beach holds.

Historical and Cultural sites in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach Circa 1938. (Photo Credits)

There are a lot of historical spots to visit in the city to get to know the city’s history more. In their webpage, the Huntington Beach Historical Society is encouraging both locals and visitors alike to get to know Huntington Beach more and keep its history alive by visiting its museum. Best Resort Hotels in Huntington Beach

“One of the best ways to keep history alive in our community is to visit the remaining historic sites and attractions we have left. Come by the Newland House Museum for a tour of the home of some of Huntington Beach’s first residents or come to our many free historical events throughout the year including Southern California’s largest Civil War reenactment, HB Civil War Days, hosted by the HB Historical Society on Labor Day Weekend in Central Park.”

Take a virtual tour from their official website here.


Newland Museum

The online publication Huntington Beach News described further in the Newland House Museum. They also posted photos, schedules and rates for those who may be interested to visit. Read more on Huntington Beach California

“The Newland House Museum (pictured above) is the oldest residence built in the city of Huntington Beach and is maintained by the Huntington Beach Historical Society for all to see. This house was built in 1898 for Huntington Beach pioneers William and Mary Newland and their ten children. The original Newland ranch extended from Beach Blvd. to Magnolia and from Yorktown south to Atlanta for a total of 500+ acres in which they planted lima beans, sugar beets, celery and later chili peppers. The house is open for tours to the public. “

Check out the pictures here.

Trip Down Memory Lane

The website Surf City USA also published yet another suggested historical route in Huntington Beach, Orange County which visitors may want to take. Best Surf Bar in Huntington Beach

One of the routes they mentioned is the downtown Huntington Beach walk which includes: “Examples of California Bungalow architecture built in 1922 along 8th Street. (2) Pristine Motor Sports, built in the 1920s as a gas station and auto repair garage. (3) A stand-alone jail cell, built in 1916 as the original jail. (4) M.E. Helme House Furnishing Co. building, the only unaltered pre-1910 commercial building in town. (5) Community Bible Church, one of the oldest standing churches in town. (6) Site of the old legendary Surf Theater.”

Read their other suggested routes here.

Huntington Beach indeed has a deep history worth learning about.


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