Decorate with String Lights

Night Lights

Decorate happily with string lights. (Photo Credits)

String lights can provide a happy feel to a home or commercial establishment all year round. Although string lights are more popular during the holidays, string lights can be used anytime of the year, in any part of the home.

Buzz Feed life for instance shared almost twenty ways on how to use string lights to up the coziness level of a dwelling place – or even a sleeping area for dormitories or other bed spaces. Electricians

“Spotlights are expensive, but string lights can give a similar effect for a fraction of the cost… Another trick: Forgo a pendant light or chandelier over the dining table and just go full-on string lights.”

Read the rest of the tips here.

Just Breath Taking

Earthporn meantime shared a breath taking photo of an old tree that gives off the illusion of being adorned with string lights. Builders and Contractors         

“Vitor Schietti relies on a very unique process to create his strikingly perfect long-exposure photos. The Brazilian photographer utilizes fireworks and long-exposure photography to capture beautiful strings of lights literally dripping down from the trees. He calls his one of a kind work, “Impermanent Sculptures.””

Check out the photographs here.

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Fans of Doctor Who may however want these string lights in their homes, as featured over at Laughing Squid.

“Think Geek has created a clever set of Doctor Who themed Weeping Angel string lights that humorously blink repeatedly at one another.”

Take a look at the picture here.

Have you ever considered decorating your home with string lights all year round?

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