Children have almost limit-less energy and the good news is when in Poway, California there are a lot of free attractions that they can spend their energy and days on. This is definitely good news for parents too, especially those who are on a budget, but would like to entertain their children with outdoor activities.

Free Children’s Attractions in Poway

The popular train in Old Poway Park. (Photo Credits)

Local Lifestyle Guide Your North County is recommending exploring the Blue Skye Ecological Reserve as an absolutely-free child-friendly attraction in Poway. Fishing in Poway, California

“The Blue Sky Ecological Reserve is a 700-acre canyon filled with Oak trees and various wildlife. The reserve has many hiking trails that are open to the public during daylight hours. “

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Museum for Children

Poway also has a great museum for children to explore. The website Family Days Out recommends the San Diego Toy and Doll Museum for children to go to. Again, this area has free admission. Find out more about Poway California

“This fun family museum loves to celebrate how important “play” is in a child’s life – even the development of adults too! They love that everyone has something in common, no matter what background or age – toys! It’s true – we all enjoyed playing with toys as children. They allow children to use their imagination, create and have a great time with friends. The museum know that there is still a kid in all of us, so they have filled their museum with toys and dolls of the past – from many countries across the globe .It’s great for kids to wander round and see all the toys from past decades and how they have changed.”

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Time Capsule

Parents can also take their children to a trip back in time through the Old Poway Park. In this recreational area, children can see how it is to live in the State of California several decades ago. The website Red Tricycle described the location as a park that lets everyone take a trip down memory lane. Family-Friendly Outdoor Activities in Poway, California

“The fun in Old Poway Park isn’t limited to the trains! Stop in the Heritage Museum and check out the historical artifacts pertaining dating as far back as the pioneer days. The Poway Historical Memorial Society provides your family with an educational blast from the past. Your little ones will love the replica of 1890’s/early 1900’s classroom showcasing desks with ink wells making them thankful that school isn’t like that anymore! Stroll over to the Nelson House Museum and take a step back in time and tour the Niles Nelson Poway residence, originally built in the late 1800s. See how families lived and dressed during this time period. Kids can practicing playing the old-fashioned piano and check out what phones looked like way before the iPhone.”

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There is no need to spend a lot to entertain children when in Poway, CA.


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