When out with the family in Poway, it will be great to note that there are a lot of interesting activities to undertake within the area. Kids of all ages and their parents are bound to enjoy fun and memorable experience of simple family time in the area.

Family-Friendly Outdoor Activities in Poway, California

Nature sights in Poway, California (Photo Credits)

For instance, the whole family can go back in time as they explore the Old Poway Park. Like a time capsule, this area will remind people of how California was in the 20th century. In the official website of the City of Poway, CA they described this family-friendly destination. Free Children’s Attractions in Poway

“See life as it once was, as early 20th century California comes alive at Old Poway Park.  Stroll along the meandering pathways or enjoy a peaceful picnic in our beautiful park.   On weekends, bring the family and take a ride on the Poway Midland Railroad’s cable car or speeder, visit the Poway Heritage Museum, and tour the turn-of-the-century Nelson House.  Find local and organic produce and artisan foods at our Saturday morning Farmers Market.”

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Exploring the great outdoors

Another activity that will surely be enjoyed by the whole family in Poway, CA is scaling Potato Chip Rock. Local Lifestyle Guide Your North County included this activity as one of their most recommended place for families who may want to explore Poway. Learn more about the city of Poway

“Tourists and locals flock to the Mount Woodson trail just to take a picture on Potato Chip Rock. The thin rock seems to defy gravity, and even though it’s only about 20 feet above the ground, the right camera angle can make it seem like you’re death-defying. Besides the great pictures, the summit also offers great views. The main trail that leads to the summit begins at Lake Poway and is almost 7 miles long. There is an alternate route from the southeast that is only about half that long and has more shade. The trailhead is on CA-67 just south of the fire station. The climb is fairly steep with 1220 feet elevation gain and is on paved road. Take plenty of water, especially during the summer months.”

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Dog lovers unite

Fur families also have interesting destinations to explore when in Poway. The Iron Mountain Trail for instance is one hike families can take with their four-legged best friend. The website Bring Fido described the area in one of their write-ups. Best Places to Dine in Poway, California

“Iron Mountain Trail is a moderately easy, 5.75 mile hike that will take about 2.5 hours to complete with Fido. This is a very popular trail that is clearly marked. If your dog is used to trails it should be okay on his paws, if not you may want to work him up to it. There is a shorter trip to the Ramona overlook on the same trail.”

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Outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family, are aplenty in Poway, CA.



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