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 Electrical fires are a common cause of household fires in every community. Homes that fall victim into such accidents may usually blame faulty electrical wiring or ill-maintained or unchecked electrical fixtures in the house.

A good way to prevent electrical fires is to have a licensed electrician periodically check electrical fixtures in the home.

An Australian consumer watchdog for instance warned about substandard electrical cables causing fire as reported by the website

“The cable was recalled after testing revealed its polymer casing was poor quality, causing it to become brittle rapidly in areas of high heat such as around light fittings and ovens.”

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Festive lights may cause electrical fire too

Christmas lights can also cause electrical fires, as advised by Health Canada through the website Global News. Build Safe 

“Health Canada is warning of the potential for many festive holiday lights to overheat resulting in fires or electric shock. They began a national sampling and evaluation project after receiving multiple different reports regarding holiday lights malfunctioning. So far the project has found six different products from four different stores across Canada.”

Qualities of a Good Electrician

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Related Electrical Installation and Repair Services

Electrical fires are indeed dangerous, CBS News for instance shared that a maternity ward in Iraq caught fire following an electrical problem.

“Electrical fires are common in the Iraqi capital and elsewhere across the country because of shoddy maintenance and poor wiring. A lack of fire escapes also contributes to the danger whenever a fire breaks out. There is also widespread failure by construction companies and those providing building material to follow accepted standards.”

The Creative Side of Electricians

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Regular electrical maintenance is important to keep the home safe. A licensed electrician can ensure the safety of the whole household when there are repairs and periodic maintenance work that have to be carried out.

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