An outage can be a considerable inconvenience to a household. It can be an isolated power loss or a blackout that spans a specific neighborhood block or a community. Nevertheless, it can still create panic, especially when it is happening for a lengthy period. Learn How to Hire an Electrical Contractor For Your Poway Home Project

As local electrical experts, Poway Electrician Contractor shared pieces of advice for homeowners in case they experience blackouts within their community. Below are the helpful tips upon experiencing a power outage.

  1. Check if the power outage is isolated to one’s own home or if it is confined to the neighborhood. Simply asking or observing the neighbor’s house can be enough to help a homeowner find out if the whole block currently does not have an electric service.
  2. If the power outage is just confined on one’s home, check the breaker and other major electrical fixtures. Check if the electric meter is still working or if it has stopped, and get in touch with a Poway emergency electrician to address the matter.
  3. If the blackout is widespread, check the local power distributor company’s website or social media pages for power interruption announcements. If it is a scheduled outage, the information on power restoration will be posted on the website. If it is an emergency interruption, the service provider will also announce there, and give some information about the cause, possible timeline of the power outage.
  4. Turn off and unplug all appliances to avoid damage when power is suddenly restored. The power surge can damage appliances, especially electronics.
  5. Avoid opening freezers and refrigerators to keep food cold and fresh. For prolonged blackouts, it will be best to subsist on food that will take longer to perish and does not need to be refrigerated, such as canned goods.
  6. Continue monitoring the local situation for power restoration news. If it is too cold or too warm in one’s home, try to find a place that has a power generator and stay there for the meantime.

Poway electricians also add that when using a generator, homeowners must make sure that the unit is not operated inside the house. They also have to ensure that the emission will not find its way through doors or windows. The generator’s emission can cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning that can be fatal. Candles, on the other hand, should never be placed near combustible objects.