Holiday Fire Safety - Overloaded electrical outlet

Overloaded Outlets pose electrical dangers for households and its owners. Photo Credit: “holiday Fire Safety – Overloaded Outlets” by State Farms cc, some rights reserved.

Safety should always remain a priority in the household and electrical repair safety.

One of the major safety areas that should be looked into is electricity. Often neglected some homeowners allow too many electrical cords to lie around, use small appliances near water sources, or over use extension cords. Unknowingly, these electrical hazards can harm children and adults alike. advises parents to not rest on the assurance that plastic socket plugs provide. They say the sockets have their own safety features and that most electrocution accidents occur when parents leave plugged small appliances lying around that their kids could reach.

“Around two-thirds of parents will carry out electrical DIY in the home as part of the preparation. However, they often do so without taking the necessary safety precautions and as children grow they can also be exposed to all sorts of hazards.”

They have summarized their other useful safety tips here.

The thing is not all homeowners are as vigilant as they should be. Revolutionary products like electric blankets for instance, provide comfort during really cold winter months, but pose real danger to the user especially if the person does not fully understand how to use it. came up with a list to guide potential homeowners in buying electrical blankets, “before you buy, there are several options to consider and safety precautions you should know.”

Read the whole list here.


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But homeowners also run the risk of getting into a fatal electrocution accident outside their residences. shares the Electric Safety Foundation International has ranked workplace electrocution as the sixth leading cause of workplace death. For Schneider Electric, “Safety awareness and how to recognize electrical hazards should be a ‘way of life’ for electrical workers,” and that “electrical workplace safety is a never-ending process.” With this they shared their best practices to avoid electrical accidents in the workplace, which can be seen here.

At the end of the day, safety remains at the hands of the individuals occupying a home or working in an office. In the home, electric safety inspections should be conducted regularly to ensure that everything is in place.

And while employees have not much control over their company’s practices with regard to electrical safety, they can always remain vigilant and report electrical safety hazards that they may notice.

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