Preventive Electrical Maintenance is a Must

Spot the electrical safety issue

Have an electrician visit yearly at least to check on fixtures and safety hazards. (Photo Credits)

Electrical safety issues pose danger to lives and properties. One a good way to avoid these dangers is to have a competent and professional electrician conduct regular safety inspections on electrical fixtures at home. Builders and Contractors     

As electricians carry on their preventive maintenance duties, they are very likely to issue electrical hazards and potential electrical safety issues in any property. All these will be pointed out to the owner, as part of the service, an of course to educate them on how to eliminate the risk.

In its website, The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) for instance shared some electrical safety tips that should be considered by any homeowner especially when it comes to putting up decorative lights. Electricians

“Always purchase electrical decorations and lights from reputable retailers; Use lights approved for safe use by a nationally recognized testing laboratory; Never connect more than three strands of incandescent lights together; Consider purchasing LED lights, which use less energy and run cooler than traditional incandescent lights.”

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More electrical safety tips

PR Newswire meantime shared an article on how to keep a home electrically safe.

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“Plug-in one high-wattage appliance at a time – Plug only one high-wattage appliance – such as a coffee maker, toaster, iron or space heater – into an outlet at a time to avoid overloading it; Water and electricity don’t mix – Don’t place any electrical appliance near water, such as a sink or bathtub. Appliances that are used near water should be unplugged when not in use. If you have an appliance that has gotten wet, unplug it and don’t use it until it has been checked by a qualified repairperson. Ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFIs) should be installed on outlets near water sources.”

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The website Think Copper also offered some electrical safety advice.

“Replace Old Wiring. Along with spring cleaning, it’s a great time to update your electrical wiring. If your home is more than 25 years old, you may be living with an inadequate and possibly hazardous wiring system— consider replacing the wiring with modern copper branch circuits. Have a qualified electrician inspect your wiring for dangerous conditions.”

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Qualified electricians can help any home in ensuring its electrical safety.

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