More Charging Options for Electric Cars

Ford C-Max Energi  and Honda Fit EV at a public charging station in front of San Francisco City Hall

More and More Charging Stations Become Available for Electric Car Owners (Photo Credits: Mariordo59, cc: Some Rights Reserved)


While they are packaged to be energy efficient, one thing is keeping prospective buyers from actually purchasing an electric car – Charging Stations. Car Charging Stations are not as many as gasoline stations so most buyers are thinking twice about going electric. Electrical Panel Upgrade San Diego
Green Electrician San Marcos. There however is good news for those who already own an electric car, and those planning to buy one. There are a lot of new developments in the electric car charging front and you may want to get your hands on these information. Electrical Contractor Vista, CA

For instance, shared that there is a battery that could charge both phone and electric cars in minutes. “A new design could reduce charge time to only a few minutes and the battery is expected to last for 10,000 charge cycles over a 20 year lifespan. In addition to revolutionizing the technology that powers mobile devices, this has huge implications for the performance and longevity of batteries used in electric cars as well.” El Cajon Electrical Repair Service

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In Germany, streetlights are being eyed as charging stations by automobile giant BMW. In fact, reported that there are already some prototypes in the German Capital, Munich. “Two of BMW’s prototype streetlights are already installed in front of the company’s headquarters in Munich, and drivers will be able to pay for a charge through a mobile app. Other charging stations will be added to existing streetlights, according to Reuters, and may be used by any vehicle model regardless of electricity provider.”

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Master Electrician. At present, more and more car manufacturers are coming up with their own versions of electric vehicles. Audi for instance came up with a version of their R8 sports car that has an all-electric option. reported that this all-electric option still has the same great acceleration and power plus doubled its battery capacity. “Instead of the V10 petrol engine that can take the R8 to 100kmh in 3.2 seconds, the e-tron model uses only electric power to achieve a 3.9-second 0-to-100 time. That’s still some pretty awesome acceleration, but the real innovation of this new electric car is in the density of its battery.”

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Electric cars seems to be the wave of the future, and at least this time there are more options in terms of charging and battery capacity.