Do-It-Yourself Solar Powered Structures

Solar Panels

Make your own solar structures. (Photo Credits) 

The prospect of making a solar structure by oneself may be intimidating to some, but for some individuals, it is a project that is worth every effort.  American Lighting Association   

IFL Science for instance featured a fund raising project about a solar-powered spacecraft.

“LightSail is a ‘citizen-funded project’ by The Planetary Society, which Nye leads as their CEO. The project will use the sun’s energy to propel itself into Earth’s orbit. While light particles, or photons, don’t have any mass, they do have momentum. The project will use tiny CubeSats, a type of satellite used in space research, to carry large reflective sails and use the momentum from photons to accelerate. The spacecraft can accelerate continuously and increase in speed over time.”

Read about the project here.

Make your own cabin

For some with simpler goals, a solar powered cabin could be the project of choice, as shared by the website, Diet of Life. Master Electrician 

“Solar energy is one of the world’s best and largest natural resources. Solar power is said to be green since, in contrast to other sources of energy, it does not emit any pollutant into the atmosphere, whether it is produced or consumed. Nowadays, more and more people are switching to solar power not only because it is a green source of energy, but also because it is becoming less expensive and more efficient than it used to be originally. Thanks to technological developments we are now able to convert solar energy into heating or electricity.”

Watch the video clip here.

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There however are simpler projects that any homeowner an choose to undertake, like this DIY Solar-Powered Furnace featured over at the website Goods Home Design.

“You can build this solar furnace at home, on you own and easily heat more than just one room. The entire project won’t cost you more than $50 so it’s definitely worth a shot. You can find the list of supplies on the video below together with a great video tutorial that will guide you through every step of this clever project.”

Check out the project here.

What DIY solar structure can you make?

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