Art in Electricity

Electricians can be creative too. (Photo Credits) 

Electricians may be stereotyped as no-nonsense electrical experts who are bound to roll-up their sleeves, study and implement electrical plans, or troubleshoot electrical related concerns. Builders and Contractors

But these professionals can be creative too.

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The website Toronto Sun for instance featured a home whose lighting design was creatively executed by an electrician.

“When it comes to illuminating your home, effective and efficient lighting isn’t as simple as placing a few pot lights in the ceiling. The right electrician can design your space in a way that highlights your room’s best features.”

Check out the lighting design here.

Tradition top-billed by the creativity of an electrician

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Klentools meantime shared an electrical trivia about the New Year’s Eve Tradition in New York City. Electricians   

“The first Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration happened in 1904, and wasn’t entirely to celebrate the New Year. It was actually part of an all-day street festival to commemorate the official opening of the New York Times headquarters (aka. the building from which the NYE ball is dropped today). For the inaugural event, the newspaper’s owner, Adolph Ochs commissioned a huge fireworks show to mark the start of the New Year. Ochs celebration was such a huge success that Times Square became the new place to be on New Year’s Eve. Then in 1907, the New York City Police Department banned fireworks in the city. Ochs, still wanting to celebrate with some kind of light display, so he looked to The New York Times’ chief electrician, Walter Palmer, for ideas.”

Read the rest of the write up here.

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The Daily Oange meantime shared the story of yet another creative electrician, this time a theatre electrician who is a junior Theater Design and Technology major from the Syracuse University.

“LiDestri works in the electrics shop for Syracuse Stage and SU Drama. As an electrician, their main responsibilities are to hang all of the lights for the stage and to help focus them. LiDestri explained that essentially, their job is to make sure the lighting designer has everything they need to reach their artistic vision. But how can lights be art? LiDestri had this same question, which ultimately pushed them to go into the field.”

Read the whole feature story here.

How creative is your electrician?

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