Recharging your Mobile Phone Safely

The Risks of Over Charging Mobile Phones

Charging iPhone

Charging Phones should be easy. Things get complicated though when they get overcharged or left unattended while charging. (Photo Credits: Frank Gruber, cc: Some Rights Reserved)


Most mobile phone owners are guilty of it, and why not? Forgetting about your mobile phone while it is charging is so easy because owners get too pre-occupied with their tasks at hand. Some even have the habit of charging their phones before going to sleep, thereby overcharging their phones on a daily basis electrician.

But is over charging your mobile phone really a bad habit?

USA Today says, it is really not too bad because “most modern smartphones do have the capacity to shut off charging once the battery is charged all the way.” They however warn that owners should not leave their phones charging overnight. Watch the video here.

Apart from wearing out the batteries, leaving your phone unattended while charging pose other dangers too.
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In its YouTube channel, The National featured a young lady who woke up to an explosion on her bed, and later found out that the explosion came from her smartphone. She had to put out the fires on her mattress and duvet. The National then reports that “the cellphone battery exploded, causing fire in an Ontario woman’s bedroom.” Watch the video here.

Even worse was this report from the Miami Herald which talked about a woman whose face was injured when her cellphone exploded while she was using it in the gym. “An exploding cellphone injured a woman at a Hialeah Gardens Boulevard gym, WSVN reported. The blast, which drew the Miami-Dade bomb squad, electrician safety happened Tuesday night in the treadmill area of Planet Fitness.”

To be on the safe side, experts advice not to overcharge cellphone batteries, discharge batteries regularly, use only original batteries on your phones as opposed to imitation, and never put your phones on surfaces that may prevent the phone from exhausting heat or cooling off.

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