What’s New about Solar Panels

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Solar Panel Innovations. (Photo Credits)

Solar Panels have become a household word for families who want to achieve sustainability, cut on costs, and reduce carbon footprint.

And with solar panels becoming more and more common, innovations are being developed at a very fast pace. Builders and Contractors

For instance, there is this solar panel model that can produce four times more electricity versus the current type of solar panel of the same size as featured in the website solarthermalmagazine.com

“Conventional PV solar panels capture 20% of the sun’s energy as electricity. In the FourFold module, four mirrors concentrate the sunlight into a narrow strip of overhead PV cells, capturing just as much electricity. More important, coolant pumped through the absorber captures an additional 55% of the sun’s energy as heat. Altogether, the FourFold collects 75% of the sun’s energy, 500 W of electricity and 1500 W of heat for 2000 W total.”

Read about this innovation here.

Extremely Efficient Solar Panel

Extremetech.com meantime reported about a breakthrough innovation on solar panels through a more efficient solar panel that can recharge.

“The new device, developed by Ohio State University, is essentially an air-breathing lithium battery that recharges via a built-in solar cell. This is significant, because one of the biggest problems with wide-scale solar power deployment is that you also need huge banks of batteries to store electricity — to even out spikes in generation when it’s cloudy or dark — and not only are those batteries expensive, but a lot of electricity is lost simply by traveling from the solar panels to external storage. An integrated solution is both cheaper and more efficient — about 25% cheaper and 20% more efficient, according to the researchers.”

Check out the rest of the article here. Big List of Electrician Services

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Another innovative breakthrough in solar panel technology is the sports car featured over at mymodernmet.com

“Melbourne-based company EVX Ventures is entering the electric automobile market with an aerodynamic sports car that can drive all day using power from the sun. Called The Immortus, the sleek two-seater has an unlimited traveling range thanks to 75 square feet of solar photovoltaic paneling on its exterior. This means you wouldn’t have to stop and recharge over long distances, easing the fear of running out of power.”

Take a look at the car model here.

So what solar panel innovations would you like to see?


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