Going on a Picnic is a great family bonding activity that does not require much spending. Unlike eating out, meals that would have been eaten at home, can be brought to a picnic and enjoyed outdoors.

Best Parks for Picnic in Poway

Old Poway Park is one of the areas for outdoor picnic in Poway. (Photo Credits)

Parenting website Maman on the Trails published an article citing several reasons why having a picnic is good for children. Apart from family bonding, one of the reasons mentioned in the article is the health benefits an outdoor picnic provides to the whole family.

“The sun doesn’t just help provide light, heat, and vegetation; it also provides the body with vitamin D, which helps in the absorption of calcium. Calcium is necessary to build strong bones and teeth, so receiving sufficient amounts of vitamin D can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and rickets, which is a disease, characterized by weak bones or bowed legs. Sunshine can also improve mood and relieve stress. The stress that builds up during the workweek can be, at times, overwhelming. You can be sure that your children are stressed too, even if they don’t express it in the same ways you do. Therefore, a picnic could be the perfect solution for the whole family.”

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Where to have a Picnic in Poway

Poway residents are fortunate to have several parks in the city where they could take their whole family for a picnic lunch.

The website TootSweetforTwo mentioned that the recreational area in Lake Poway is a good place for a picnic. Their article emphasized the many picnic tables, gazebos, and kid friendly areas within the park.

“There’s a hidden jewel in the inland area of San Diego County called Lake Poway Recreation Area.  Located in the incorporated City of Poway, this little lake nestles in a hidden valley surrounded by rolling hills of lush grasses and mature trees on one side and trails leading to the more barren landscape of backcountry chaparral.”

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Old Poway Park

The website Your North County meantime mentioned Old Poway Park in its list of 50 picnic areas in North San Diego. Old Poway Park is along Midland Road.

“Old Poway Park has the feel of a quaint little town that time forgot. Train depots and buildings scatter the grounds, giving it such a warm feel. On the weekends there is a train that runs and a farmers market. Popular for weddings there is plenty of parking. There are lots of shady spots and grassy areas to have your picnic while enjoying the ambiance.”

Check out the rest of their list here.

Having a picnic in Poway is indeed a relaxing thing to do with the family.

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